Color Me Red and Blue

Remember the red Adirondack chairs I loved when we saw them lakeside in Waterton? They showed up again beside the blue water of Two Jack Lake, near Banff. And the vivid shades of blue and turquoise found in Peyto Lake, Moraine Lake, Lake Minnewanka and Emerald Lake all rival Lake Louise, our first sight of the iridescence of powdered limestone and glacier sediment that colors the waters. No matter where we went in the Canadian Rockies, the rivers, waterfalls and lakes were beyond stunning; they were literally awesome.

June 24, 2017_709_170624Banff Day1-82Peyto,Moraine,Banff-192Banff Day1-96Banff Last Day-35Banff Day1-30Banff Day1-18

2 thoughts on “Color Me Red and Blue

  1. I used to think postcards of these scenes were tinted. You’ve corrected that erroneous assumption.

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