Above and Beyond

I started this Canadian Rockies trip blog with mountains, and I’m going to end it (almost…one more post after this) with skies. I love busy skies, and was particularly taken by how clouds often seemed to mold their shapes to the landscape they were enhancing. Sometimes the sun had to fight for space through their density, sometimes their effect was more dramatic when looking down, and one evening an alien spaceship appeared to evaluate the topography and before deciding not to invade its beauty.Jasper Day2-1Waterton to Calgary-37Peyto,Moraine,Banff-135Banff Day1-11Jasper Day2-66June 24, 2017_711_170624Waterton-198

10 thoughts on “Above and Beyond

  1. Beautiful. Such a refreshing respite for those of us existing in a seemingly never ending heat wave. All that water, and everything so wonderfully green.

    1. It seems like a memory to me now as well…heat does win out when it comes. Back to books and air conditioning!

  2. This has been the most delightful and exuberant road trip I’ve ever seen…from afar. My jealousy increases every day. Thank you for sharing all that beauty…and the red chairs.

    1. So nice to hear from you, and thanks for going along for the ride. We did have a great time. Maybe we will see you next spring with our Canadian friends????

  3. I have really enjoyed following along on your trip through the Canadian Rockies. Fantastic photos and it has reminded me of my amazing time there. Yours is definitely one of my favorite blogs right now.

    1. What a nice comment, thank you. I don’t post very often as a rule, but this trip just forced me to do so. So glad you enjoyed being in the Canadian Rockies whenever you were there; you live a much more adventuresome life than I do, and sharing your stories is a pleasure for the rest of us too. Keep at it!

      1. Thank you, too. I think it was six years ago now when I was there. Wish we could’ve spent more time there and seen more. I’m on a bit of a hiatus from adventuring since I have two youngsters now. Most of what I write is about things I’ve done years ago. I can’t wait to get back out there with my kids in a couple years though.

      2. Your kids (who are adorable) are very lucky to have parents ready, willing and able to introduce them to the fantastic larger world that awaits them. Fun for everyone! I envy you that experience.

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