Jasper Adventures

Our few days in Jasper National Park may have been the most fun. It was the furthest north we traveled in the Canadian Rockies, with long daylight hours to fill, in all weather conditions. When a day begins with coffee on a sunny deck you never want to leave, moves on to wet misty woods with gigantic waterfalls that crash through deep gorges, and ends climbing a mountain in a snowstorm, it’s a satisfying experience.

The Path of the Glacier Trail at Mount Edith Cavell seemed daunting (you may be able to see a climber on the path, a tiny red dot in the middle right side of the first mountain photo), and the snow and wind didn’t encourage us much. But it was worth reaching the viewing deck to see the Angel Glacier up close.

June 20, 2017_704_170620June 20, 2017_705_170620Jasper Day2-46Jasper Day2-120Jasper Day2-71Jasper Day2-92Jasper Day2-111Jasper Day2-107

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