The Road to Zion

I’m speaking of Zion National Park, of course. The driving distance from Sedona, AZ to Zion in SW Utah, is 266 miles, about 4.5 hour driving time if one doesn’t have to stop every few miles to gape in wonder. We met very little traffic, had a sunny, clear day, and an incredible variety of topography to appreciate. We kept imagining the early travelers west, those in covered wagons, who must have been stunned daily by what they had to contend with and saw yet ahead. They were awesome people; we were just awestruck people.Sedona-Zion best -1Sedona-Zion best -3Sedona-Zion best -5Sedona-Zion best -6Sedona-Zion best -8Sedona-Zion best -13Sedona-Zion best -15

2 thoughts on “The Road to Zion

  1. We have made several trips out this way, on both motorcycles (with Rhen) and in the family van. Magnificent. Majestic. Stunning. All these puny adjectives, even when heaped up in piles on paper just seem so insignificant. I noticed that even my technology, wrapped up in a smart phone or digital camera, just seemed to be an insult to what my eyes, ears, skin, and brain were trying to process. It has to be experienced. And not just once; I really thought my second trip back to the Grand Canyon would be tempered a bit. But as usual, I was wrong.

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