Zion just around the bend…

We approached Zion National Park from its east side, traveling west from Mt. Carmel Junction, on SR 9. “Scenic” isn’t a fair description of the drive; “jaw-dropping” suits me better. Once reaching the park entrance, an additional 12 miles on beautifully paved red roads delivered us to the heart of the park, through land so indescribably foreign I could have considered myself misplaced to Mars. Watching skies that offered both threatening and gorgeous weather, switchbacks led us to higher elevations past rock formations of sculptured sand, and finally (after so many “what’s next?” moments) a mile long tunnel spilled us out into Zion Canyon. Zion Park was just around the bend…SBHc - 71SBHc - 198Zion_124_SBH_160522_MEZion_122_SBH_160522_MESBHi - 20SBHi - 34SBHc - 72

3 thoughts on “Zion just around the bend…

    1. I hope you have the opportunity soon! But plan ahead, like months and months, to find accommodations near the park or you’ll be driving far too much!

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