The Road to Zion

I’m speaking of Zion National Park, of course. The driving distance from Sedona, AZ to Zion in SW Utah, is 266 miles, about 4.5 hour driving time if one doesn’t have to stop every few miles to gape in wonder. We met very little traffic, had a sunny, clear day, and an incredible variety of topography to appreciate. We kept imagining the early travelers west, those in covered wagons, who must have been stunned daily by what they had to contend with and saw yet ahead. They were awesome people; we were just awestruck people.Sedona-Zion best -1Sedona-Zion best -3Sedona-Zion best -5Sedona-Zion best -6Sedona-Zion best -8Sedona-Zion best -13Sedona-Zion best -15

On the road again…

We are late to the party in fully appreciating the beauty of some of our western states and their national and regional parks, but now that we’ve been initiated, all we can do is wonder why it took us so long. There is little need to describe our nearly 2000 mile road trip in words, and in all fairness, photos aren’t even close to the real thing. May was a wonderful time to travel; there were fewer people than are expected to descend over the summer (this year is the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service, and demand for rooms and camp sites is huge), and the desert is in bloom this month. Even the few storms we met up with provided a gorgeous show. I have a ridiculous number of photos to sort through; I kept thinking I’d eventually get bored with the grandeur and the wild skies, but I didn’t. We started in Sedona, Arizona, and here’s a taste:SBHc - 49SBHc - 57SBHc - 61SBHc - 118SBHc - 16SBHi - 13