Book List

I am a moody reader and can’t tell you what initially interested me in these titles over the past months, but I can tell you each brought me pleasure. I previously wrote of “The Overstory”, but include it again for emphasis.

3 thoughts on “Book List

  1. I’ve read Cemetery Road just recently He wrote a triligy prior to this book.. Natchez Burning, The Bone Tree and Mississippi Blood which was great. Also I read A Great Reckoning. I love Louse Penny and have read her entire series which is 13 books. I’m ready to read them all again! Thanks for your recommendations. I always say it was those wonderful summers together with your family that inspired me to be a voracious reader!!

  2. I really did enjoy the Louise Penny. I have started Ella Griffiths Ruth Galloway series which you might enjoy. I hope you are doing well!

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