I’m one week into recovery for a hip replacement and have to say it’s going well. I’m learning to appreciate concepts like “well managed” and “assistive devices” and “staying ahead of the pain.” “How’s it going” has to be met with “just fine thanks,” right? Who wants to be around a whiner?

OK, so its been harder than I expected, and I know how that happened. I have learned from this experience to walk quickly away from anyone who says to me “I have a friend who…” I’m sure the intention was to encourage by telling me what a rapid recovery Joe had, and how Nancy wasn’t nearly in as good shape as I am and thus how much better I’ll do, and how Martha didn’t miss a step on her tour to Antartica. Stop already! Anything short of super woman achievement and I’ve had a serious setback!

I’ve learned instead to ask about what expectations the doctor and therapist have in mind for me, what additional challenges I may face because of the specifically personal elements that are involved in my care, and how little, if asked, I benefit from hearing about the experience of strangers.

I must be getting better because I’m grumpy, and grumpy meets my recovery expectations.

8 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. I’m sure that big cuddly bear is helping with Your recovery! Take it easy on yourself! You will follow your own healing time! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the relaxation time ! Hugs, Bicki

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  2. OK, so I won’t tell you about my recovery from two hip surgeries. I will tell that it made me a new woman and that was 10 years ago! Lots more pain free days ahead for you. Sending my love! Rita

  3. Ok, so I won’t tell you about my recovery from two hip surgeries. I will tell you that it made me a new woman and that was ten years ago. You have many pain free days ahead of you. Sending you love.

  4. You don’t look grumpy as you sit in the bear’s lap. Grumpy means, I think, that you are healing and grasping reality. Good for you!

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