Denmark Beyond its Capital

There is much to Denmark beyond Copenhagen, and short excursions from the capital brought us an even greater appreciation of its charms. Whether you’re looking for fishing villages with cobbled streets lined with hollyhocks beside thatched roof cottages, or castles such as Fredriksborg (which houses the Danish National Museum) or churches such as Roskilde Cathedral, (a UNESCO World Heritage site in which the remains of 39 kings and queens are buried), Denmark can offer them all. The country absolutely deserves its reputation for beauty and enviable high standard of living.


5 thoughts on “Denmark Beyond its Capital

  1. Still following your posts. This one and Berlin really caught my interest in how they seem to be two opposites of the spectrum. Then again, losing 75% of a city in a war tends to spur change.
    Please keep them coming.

  2. Beautiful! marys grand parents were from Denmark and she has always wanted to visit there. Dick gave me the contact info on your tour group. Do you have any more Denmrk photos you’d like to share with us?

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