Travel Interlude

NOTE TO READER: Do not be alarmed…this is a generic post.

I was disturbed to read that a recent poll indicated only a small percentage of millennials intended to watch the political debates. I imagine a large number of other adults have no plans to do so either.

I get it. Hate him/her; can’t take another minute of this campaign. Make it go away.

From our travels, I can tell you that citizens of other parts of the world are worried for us and about us, and as a consequence, for themselves. They want clarification about what’s happening in America. Me too.

The New York Times on line helped me focus yesterday by listing 15 questions that the editorial board and others proposed as important issues for the candidates’ attention. Here they are:

What would you do to reduce the extreme income inequality in this country?
Health insurance premiums and out of pocket costs are rising rapidly. What would you do to control them?
What evidence-backed measures should be taken to improve the public school experience for every child?
Where has American policy on Syria failed? Should something be done militarily to stop the slaughter?
What specific actions or tactics will you use to fight the Islamic State that the Obama administration hasn’t already tried?
What should be done to strengthen the Social Security system so it can keep supporting retirees now and in the future?
How will you minimize the domestic threat of home-grown terrorists?
It is widely accepted scientific fact that climate change is real and potentially catastrophic. What specific action will you take in the next four years?
Sanctions and global condemnation haven’t deterred North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. What would you do?
Where would you set the limits on surveillance by the U.S. government?
The racial divide on policing and politics seems wider than ever. How could the next president help turn this around?
How do you plan to get money out of politics?
There are 43 million people living in poverty in this country. What will you do about this?
What would your administration do to reduce gun violence and mass shootings?
What are three important initiatives you could accomplish despite Congressional gridlock?

There is serious business on America’s plate. I think we all deserve thoughtful responses to these questions, and hope the debates provide the forum for changing the tenor of this campaign from rancor to reason.

3 thoughts on “Travel Interlude

  1. Sally,

    Thanks for the NYT list. My hopes for the debate are first, that it will be a real debate, rather than an opportunity to overpower the opponent with volume and empty rhetoric. Second, that the moderator(s?) will stop candidates’ grandstanding and bragging, turning off the candidate’s microphone, if necessary. Third, that there will be thorough follow-up to each candidate’s responses, pressing until a real answer is achieved. And fourth, I’d like to know how either candidate can promise “I will. . .” on anything. Do they mean they’ll work hard toward that goal? Or just HOW will they accomplish the many promises made?

    I probably have many more questions, but it’s a much-needed, chilly and rainy afternoon, and I need a quick nap.

    Thanks for always shining your thoughtful, insightful light on issues and places!


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    1. I agree wholeheartedly with all the hopes you have…it is an opportunity to “rise above”, and will be a sorry state if we are sadly disappointed. Thanks for taking the time to write.

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