Trip Anxiety

I have it. Big time. Every time. I worry about being late, missing connections, getting lost, turbulent flights, terrorists, coughing seat mates, lost luggage, lost passport, lost phone, food that bites, currency I can’t compute, too much to carry, shoes that hurt, feeling clueless. Ridiculous anxieties. It’s not like I haven’t done this before. And it’s not like I’ve experienced more than brief episodes of any of the above, with which I’ve coped adequately at the time. So why am I going through this again?!

Anxieties are all about the future, about events that haven’t actually taken place yet (and probably never will.) Looking at each worry separately, I can do something about uncomfortable shoes and taking too much stuff, but since I’m not likely to, they need to come off this list, and move to the list of things for which I can berate myself later.  I can also do something about being late, and be early instead. All other issues are caused by lack of attention (note to self) or are…yikes…out of my control…repeat…out of my control.

I understand how lucky I am to be heading off again, and know when I’m finally on my way how much I’ll enjoy almost all of it…except for…repeat…any of the above. A peek through the door reminds me of past adventures well worth every panic attack, once I step into new space.  I’m leaving now, sending “traveling mercies” to all fellow journeyers (as Anne Lamott offered to us in her wonderful book by the same title.)


6 thoughts on “Trip Anxiety

  1. If you had not pushed thru the anxieties, we would not have met. For that, thank you! I too get some, but the positives far outweigh the negatives. I am in awe of your continued energy to take on the next adventure. Looking forward to when our paths cross again. Can’t wait to see your pictures. Another talent that you are gifted with. Besides, you can always blame Chicken and find laughter when things don’t go according to plan. Safe travels Salad!

    1. As you well know, the people one meets on the road are a big part of the adventure…but seldom is the experience the long lasting treat ours has been. And to think we have more ahead of us is really a pleasure!!!!

  2. 🙂 Just like the rest of us. It’s a “maturity and wisdom” thing. Didn’t used to be an issue. Now you know too much. Travel safe!

    1. I love the “maturity and wisdom” notion, and will try to hang on to the thought as I break out in hives.

  3. I think one of the reasons someone follows a blog — aside from being friends for a million years — is because you read and relish and think Aha! she knows exactly how I feel, what my anxieties are, what’s funny, and what’s nutz. This entry is purrrrfect. These are MY anxieties, and I fear they have overtaken me — that (they?) and age and stage. Anyway Sally, thank you for the good laugh and the feeling of identification. So looking forward to the photos, insights and good humor to come. Delighted, I tell you, Delighted, you back on Blog. m

    1. The best part of writing the blog is touching the friends who touch me…you’ll see from another comment that these anxieties were identified as elements of “maturity and wisdom”, which I intend to lay claim to. We gotta hang together forever…!

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