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Even with more time to read, the result hasn’t been more books that I’ve loved. One of the primary challenges has been the library waiting list, and my dependence on fellow readers’ willingness to relinquish their favorites. I haven’t seen a new release in a very long time, but that doesn’t mean there’s been nothing available to read. I liked these.

2 thoughts on “Book List

  1. Sally,

    Thanks for sharing titles. Another friend has high praise for Splendid and Vile, and I’m ready to continue my immersion in England as I’m nearing the final episodes of The Crown. I brought the book with me – in June. . .

    My Dallas book group meets tomorrow: The Story of a Goat. I started to read it, but have some hands-on things I need to do, so have downloaded the audio. It’s kind of interesting, as the narrator has a decidedly Indian accent, including pronouncing “village” as “willage.” I believe I’m getting the allegorical part, but will look forward to the discussion and more enlightenment.

    I’m still in my “three-season” house, and keeping comfortably warm. I have installed some cellular shades, which will also help cut the summer sun, and my new fireplace (replacing a wood stove) is operational, although trim and adjoining cabinets are still in process.

    Things are good here, although really chilly: 8° when I woke up this morning. The biggest change is that I can’t meet friends on their patios or decks until we have a warm spell.

    So good to hear from you! Take care.


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    1. Thanks for the list . I will share some of mine later.

      Beautiful snow here & a roaring fire near the Christmas tree!


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