Music by the Day

I enjoy music; not so much the ear bud private world of music (although that works too), but the kind that fills my living space. I love listening to classical music while driving, or sitting with a book, or enjoying a meal. I was raised in a family that appreciated music, in a time that offered more space for listening, so the pleasures of music happily accrued to me by default rather than by pursuit. I know what I enjoy, but rarely know what I’m listening to, so I was intrigued when learning of the book Year of Wonder by Clemency Burton-Hill on CBS Sunday Morning a few months ago.

9780062856203_p0_v1_s192x300Clemency Burton-Hill is an accomplished musician, and Creative Director, Music & Arts at New York Public Radio. She has put together a list of classical selections to hear by the day for a year, and written a few paragraphs for each to provide a bit of information about the composer and composition. To make things really accessible, Spotify has her playlist. I have only begun this musical journey with her, but it’s fun. I don’t like everything I’ve heard, but I’ve been introduced to many unfamiliar pieces by unfamiliar names, and learned interesting tidbits about those with which I’ve been previously acquainted. She doesn’t ask for a huge time commitment in her effort to educate; most selections are about 5 minutes, and the longest so far has been in the 20 minute range. I look forward to sitting down with her as I wait for something to simmer for dinner; she shares her love of classical music with a light hand.  


3 thoughts on “Music by the Day

  1. Very well done…

    This just appeared so I’ve entered into contacts to get more!!!

    Happy Saturday….we’re watching morning news….ugh!

    _________________________________ Craig L. Fuller 5999 Canterbury Drive Easton, Maryland 21601 410-919-9401


  2. Thanks Sally. Perfect timing. We have relied solely on a classical station here and have meant to build a playlist as an alternative. Heavy rain here this AM…more coming as we plan for Luke and Camille’s five days here while their spring break continues. Luke went to DC and Williamsburg on his 8th grade trip, so may allow us to debrief him. Bought another display case on a neighborhood site yesterday for Jack to bring out more regiments. Planted 4 DIadora trees in anticipation of an important group of cedars below dying off. Confronted a neighbor above who had lopped off 6 ft of a holly that blocked his view. He denied it, but when I marched him to the spot with survey in hand, he said.” But you have another holly.”  I told him to watch for the bamboo I intend to plant. Not sure, but something that will restore privacy. Reading alot..pretty much whatever someone thrusts into my hands.Looking forward to seeing you soon. Hope you’ll consider a summer visit. Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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