By the Bay

We had been to the San Francisco Bay area before and always loved it, but perhaps never for so many good reasons as this trip offered: we attended a wonderful wedding in Sonoma at a gorgeous location, dined with long time friends, visited family, and celebrated our anniversary. The weather also favored us far beyond expectation.

We chose to stay in Tiburon, in the delightful Water’s Edge Hotel, just steps from the ferry-boat landing, and once settled in we didn’t use our car again. Taking the ferry from Tiburon to Fisherman’s Wharf offered a completely new perspective on the city, its famous bridges, and Alcatraz. But the best location for immersion and pleasure was sitting on the hotel deck at dusk for cocktails, and for morning coffee. San Francisco was visible across the bay, and the sinking sun brought a shimmer to the view. Darn close to heaven.





4 thoughts on “By the Bay

  1. I love that area.
    I lived in southern CA and traveled to the Bay Area a couple times a month. Had a client who lived in Tiberon and took the ferry every day. Said it was a peaceful and beautiful way to both start and end his days. Took away all the stress at the end of the day. Nice!

    1. The ferry has to be better than sitting in traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge and into the city every day, but we wondered how comfortable it would be most rainy, foggy, chilly days, so unlike the gorgeous weather we enjoyed. It is a very beautiful part of our country, no matter seen from what form or transportation.

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