Making a Mark

I’d like to tell you this is about my own mark, but it isn’t. I’m referring to the Waltons of Bentonville, Arkansas, who have done more than their share to leave lasting legacies for the rest of us. Perhaps you don’t know much about Bentonville; it’s a lovely small town which sits in the northwest corner of Arkansas near the Missouri and Oklahoma borders, with a resident population short of 50,000. The patriarch of the Walton family purchased a five and dime store there in 1950, developed Wal-Mart into the world’s largest retailer, and created unimaginable economic impact locally and worldwide. In 2011, daughter Alice made her own mark by creating the stunning Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art in Bentonville to house her outstanding and eclectic personal art collection, and host other temporary exhibits and special events there. Our visit included “Chihuly: in the Forest”, an installation of Dale Chihuly’s dramatic art glass along the paths of the Ozark forest museum grounds.

Bentonville is not all that easy to get to, but it’s worth the trip.

4 thoughts on “Making a Mark

  1. I was there about 6 years ago and agree with your “stunning” comment. And my photos are not nearly as beautiful as yours. In fact, mine can’t even approach being called beautiful.

  2. I have resisted everything about WalMart for what they have done to small town retail and their employment practices. But I got over that long enough for a for a trip to Crystal Bridges.
    It is a stunning museum in a magical glen.

  3. I looooove Crystal Bridges and Chihuly glass makes me grin. Like being with Alice in Wonderland. Barbara and I are off to Georgia’s Barrier Islands tomorrow instead of San Miguel. Hope we have as much fun as we always did during DOD. It is a Road Scholar program, formerly Elderhostel. So this is a reconosance trip. Keep taking those awesome pictures!♥️

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