More Bears

Yep. So close to the road leaving Banff that Park Rangers were using bullhorns to get gawkers (including us) back into our cars. No fences or culverts for protection, but happily a mom who seemed crankier about the behavior of her rambunctious cubs than their audience. Had she changed her mind, she could have reached us in seconds, regardless of my telephoto lens.Lake Louise to Jasper-50Lake Louise to Jasper-45Lake Louise to Jasper-55Lake Louise to Jasper-46Lake Louise to Jasper-44Lake Louise to Jasper-48Lake Louise to Jasper-59Lake Louise to Jasper-61

6 thoughts on “More Bears

  1. pretty neat to see wild bears in the open!!! I saw some in the Smooky mountains years ago, but they weren’t as friendly as these!

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