Rocky Mountain High

Kananaskis County lies in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies, and is home to an extensive provincial park system that includes venues used in the Winter Olympics and a G8 Summit. Our explorations were enhanced when Tim and Corky joined us for the week, and after their alarmingly too close bear encounter (3 adults and 2 cubs) during a walk in the woods near our hotel, we proceeded with caution and Tim’s bear spray.

The area is replete with gorgeous vistas, valleys, lakes, wildlife, and the pleasant town of Canmore. Bighorn sheep love to lick the salt on the highway, which provided initial amusement but ultimate annoyance with the frequency of our meeting. Our challenge was to make forward progress while avoiding sheep leaping over guard rails and moose deciding whether or not to cross the road in front of us. It was a highly entertaining few days.

Kananaskis Day2-31Kananaskis Day2-81Kananaskis Day1-21Kananaskis Day2-61Kananaskis Day2-68Kananaskis Day2-84Kananaskis Day1-6Kananaskis Day1-8Kananaskis Day2-89

3 thoughts on “Rocky Mountain High

  1. about 30 years ago I played the Kananaskis country club golf course, and a couple others in the Calgary, Lake Louise area. What beautiful scenery. Didn’t see bears or the long horn sheep, but the elk were laying all over the golf course. My playing partner hit one with his tee shot. The elk just looked up, shuddered, and then laid his hear back down.

    1. Love this story! We wondered if perhaps some of the wildlife in the area were just movie sets for our benefit…We saw those golf courses and thought they would be wonderful to play…maybe have to consider another trip! Thanks again for following and commenting. Will be very interested in your upcoming adventures in Canadian northeast…still ahead for us.

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