A Capital City


With a backdrop of the lovely Royal Palace at the top of the hill, Oslo sets its stage for a very good show. Whether looking for a busy seaport, traditional or contemporary architecture, tree-lined promenades, culture (the national theater and new waterfront opera house with a floating stage), museums (the Viking Ship Museum with preserved ships and artifacts dating from 800 A.D. is particularly interesting), the outstanding and controversial Vigeland sculptures at beautiful Frogner Park, busy sidewalk cafes and flowers lining every street, you’ll find it in Oslo. While laying claim to having become the most expensive city in the world recently, Oslo can also lay claim to being a capital city. It’s great, and a wonderful place to end our Scandinavian journey.











3 thoughts on “A Capital City

  1. Another beautiful day. If you have time and its easy can you send me more viking ship pictures? Or help me see them on Flickr? S

  2. Sally,

    Thanks once again for your continuing photo journal. It seems you always have the perfect weather for wherever you are! But more likely, it’s because your camera abilities recognize the beauty in everything. When I get back, I will probably press you for more details on your Scandinavian itinerary; everything looked just terrific.

    Hope to see you after Thanksgiving.

    And again, thanks for the travelogue.



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