The Grand Finale

Grand Canyon_29_160516

Here at last. The Grand Canyon. There were many more people on the South Rim than anywhere else we visited during our entire journey (a large percentage of whom were foreign visitors), but the National Park Service does an outstanding job of managing both this enormous land mass and those who come to see it. We applauded the Rangers and other staff often for their friendly helpfulness, and thought park lodging and food services were amazing in light of the high traffic and turnover demands placed on them.

As was the case in all the parks we visited, all one had to do was wait a minute for the scene to change its color and mood. It is grand indeed.

Grand Canyon_33_160516

Grand Canyon_53_160516.jpg

Grand Canyon_73_160516Grand Canyon_37_160516Grand Canyon_115_160516Grand Canyon_374_160517Grand Canyon_98_160516Grand Canyon_142_160516Grand Canyon_268_160516Grand Canyon_293_160517Grand Canyon_55_160516

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