The West I Grew Up With

Moab-Powell_8_160513Growing up on the East Coast, the West I knew was brought to me by movies and television, which imprinted tall tales with wild scenery. The”deja vu” sensation surfaced the moment we entered the Navajo Nation Tribal Park, which crosses the Utah/Arizona state border. The area known as Monument Valley has been a favorite location for iconic westerns since director John Ford filmed “Stagecoach”there in 1939, and has continued to offer stunning backdrops for filmmakers and tourists alike. Are the monuments and earth colors purple? red? brown? orange? grey? green? Yes. We stopped often just to make sure we were seeing what we thought we were seeing.


2 thoughts on “The West I Grew Up With

  1. I am enjoying seeing your photographs of a lot of my favorite places and glad you like them as well as I do! I wonder if you are going to Yellowstone) my all-time favorite). Whatever you do you are certainly having a wonderful trip. I am envious!!

    1. I’ve been to Yellowstone in years past, but not this trip; so many places to see, so little time! I remember your enthusiasm for these great parks and am glad to finally have some experience of them. Real treasures. Thanks for writing!

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