The Beauty of Desolation

Canyonlands_35_160512Canyonlands National Park is a weirdly wonderful place. We visited only its northern district near the town of Moab, but read that it stretches into three other completely unique districts over a large portion of southeastern Utah. The park provided outstanding opportunities for both selfies and reflection (but not for us; those soft cliff edges and long drops deterred our participation). We just enjoyed looking at it (and them).


4 thoughts on “The Beauty of Desolation

  1. These spaces are just stupendous – absolutely mind boggling, magnificent, dramatic and awesome — too great to comprehend. The photos capture as much as possible without being there in person. I’m grateful!

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Julie. You’re right; photos are just a tiny glimpse…even in person its nearly impossible to “take in”; we were underprepared and overwhelmed!

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