Ireland Impressions

Wicklow Mountain area, Ireland

I think only ten days in country hardly allows one to offer comments any more substantive than “impressions’, but my impressions of Ireland couldn’t be more positive.  We had wonderful weather, which contributes immeasurably to enjoyment; if not entirely sunny days, we had very little rain (and heard about how long and dreary the summer had previously been. ) Purple heather, which covers the ground and climbs up mountains, was in bloom (a spring and fall occurrence). Food and beer were good, the pubs inviting, and the county rugby, Gaelic football and hurling competitions were at the height of their seasonal finals (cheerful but serious business). Cities and villages were decorated in support of their teams, and colorful displays of Irish good cheer were visible everywhere. Once into the countryside, liveliness turns into loveliness. The scenery is varied, dramatic, breathtaking, and laden with history and legend. Gardens love the damp cool Irish air, and were showing off their best stuff for us all over the country. If the weather was more consistently favorable, I feel sure Ireland couldn’t accommodate the people who would love to live there! (I’ve posted many more photos to Flickr if you’d care to follow the link.)

Dublin Dublin

Lower Lake in Glendalough, Ireland

Killarney National Park

IMG_2630Blarney Castle, County Cork

Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland

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