Friends in Far Places

It isn’t easy to get to the Thousand Island area of the Canadian lakes, but happily we were invited by old friends to see their fabulous lake home there, and then enjoy their expertise as tour guides in Montreal and Quebec City. It was a delightful experience with good companions, and we were grateful for the opportunity to see these special places. We found Quebec particularly charming with its riverfront setting, an Old Town on two different elevations connected by a funicular, good cafes and shopping areas, gardens, funky districts with lampshade street lights, wall murals, and shiny tin roofs on old houses. It wasn’t quite fall yet, but chilly rain told us that change was coming, and the city lifestyle would be different soon.

4 thoughts on “Friends in Far Places

  1. Fun place to visit for us too. We walked up the hill for lunch at the hotel and then took the funicular back down the hill. Good times! And all your photos are indicating you two and a grand time as well!

    1. Your photos brought back great memories of our recent trip to the same locale. I know that you are having a terrific trip! I’m still wanting to visit Knowlton (Three Pines). Looking forward to seeing you guys soon!

  2. Sally, your photography is professional grade! You are able to capture the beauty and the unique charm of the places you visit. Thank you for sharing your vision with us. Vicki

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