The Road Less Traveled

And what a difference! We drove this morning from cloudy Aspen to sunny Avon, the long way. When extra miles mean Independence Pass (the highest paved state highway over the Continental Divide in Colorado, at 12,095 ft), one will be challenged not to shout out either from terror or glory. The road is too narrow in some places for two passing cars and hairpin turns without  vision is common. There is evidence of avalanche damage in many places and falling rock is a frequent hazard. But to reach the summit, beyond the tree line, is glorious. Descending to Twin Lakes and back to “normal” scenery isn’t too shabby either.


4 thoughts on “The Road Less Traveled

  1. Rather spiritual in many ways! Love the capture of the clouds and the reflection of them in the water. And yes, a white knuckle kind of drive, but so worth it. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. While suffering here with 100 degree and above temps it’s nice to see there is still snow somewhere not too far away.

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