“Deprived of something of great value”, one definition has it. An old friend, a companion, a confidant, a sharer of secrets and sacraments, history and hopes. Never far from touch, and now a special inhabitant in the world of my memory. And such great memories over nearly 50 years!

I am very sad, but not really feeling deprived. She was a bright light who offered unqualified acceptance to all in her path. She was never without time to be of service to any in need of her attention, offering everything she could with no strings attached. It is impossible not to have learned about optimism, kindness, generosity and love in her presence. She enriched my life and left me that legacy; she couldn’t have done more, and it is more than enough.



6 thoughts on “Loss

  1. This is beautiful and perfect. I hope you will post it to caring bridge.

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  2. Sorry for you loss, Sally. Beautifully written. I am feeling the same about Jane Lochman. I will be going to her memorial service in Charlotte next weekend. Such a vibrant person full of a lively, caring spirit. She did all the right things to be healthy- who can figure?? Glad we are staying in touch- and so happy to be friends with another lively, caring soul!! Love, Vicki

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