Adventure with a Purpose

We chose Palm Springs, CA from which to visit Joshua Tree National Park, some 50 miles away. From palm trees, dynamic skies and lush water filled landscapes in the desert of resorts, the Mojave Desert landscape of Joshua Tree National Park offered cactus larger than men, gigantic boulder formations which hid cattle rustlers of the past, and the strange Joshua trees, which aren’t really trees, but a species of yucca which can grow over 40 feet tall. The Park has been a protected area since 1936 and looked starkly beautiful on an overcast December day; I’m certain it’s an entirely different experience in the blistering heat of summer.



Driving southwest from the desert to San Diego on long switch back roads led us through other alien lands and varied weather, from palm trees mixed with snow-capped mountains, to sun filled valleys nestled in vast barren rocky plains.  JoshuaTree-66DrivetoSanDiego-58DrivetoSanDiego-21It was a good adventure, secondary only to the primary purpose we had for being there at all: a visit with family from whom separated much too long.Mark&all2018-3

6 thoughts on “Adventure with a Purpose

  1. Yes, a beautiful place! When I lived in Orange County we would go to Joshua Tree and Palm Springs every few years to ” clear the head”. For 12 years we had a lake house In Canyon Lake. you may have traveled by there on Railroad Canyon road heading to San Diego from Palm Springs. Temecula has great little wineries where I hope you were able to enjoy their treats; and in Murrieta Hot Springs there is a Hot Springs Spa where you could spend long peaceful rewarding & relaxing hours. My Brother in law lives in Poway when visits there allowed us more opportunities to enjoy the area.
    Well photoed !!!!!

  2. I have never visited this area, but through your pictures I feel I have been there. What glorious photos. Thank you for sharing. Have a Merry Christmas!

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