Up a Tree

I took a walk with a friend this week, among old pecan trees, and the Gospel passage our priest spoke about on Sunday came into mind. It’s a tale about Zacchaeus the tax collector, described as a short man, who climbs a tree in order to see Jesus over the crowd. (Luke 19:1-10; Jesus sees him, calls him down and stays at his house; there are additional details to the story that offer other fruitful opportunities for interpretation.)

It occurred to me that I have been up a tree (in a metaphoric sense) as an escape, and not as a place from which to see more clearly. Sitting in a removed space offers a good opportunity for rest and reflection, but life is conducted for the most part on the ground. I’ll come back down one of these days.


One thought on “Up a Tree

  1. Sounds like a wise preservation strategy to me. We all probably would benefit from getting off the ground more often.

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