They’re Back!

It just so happens to be “Serve the Earth” week too! We’re happy to be offering a safe haven for new life, and are enjoying their experience of it. It’s really wonderful to watch how quickly they learn to follow instructions, and make themselves at home in the world.

4 thoughts on “They’re Back!

  1. We had a momma duck last summer who liked to nap on our lawn. The babies napped at the same time, none of them concerned about me, working around them, first planting and then photographing. I had to wait until they got in the lake before I could count them. That mama duck had 18 ducklings!


  2. Delightful! Interestingly a lengthy bit of code beneath one of the pictures also came….not sure if a repeat of your comments. Regardless, the duckies are darling.


    1. Yeah, I saw that code later, and think it’s because of an attempt to put photos in a grid; won’t try that again!


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