A Second Look

A bouquet, given to a convalescing friend, made her sneeze, so she gave it to me when I visited. We laughed about how unattractive it was. The flowers were garish (why dye flowers unless they don’t have a lot going for them in the first place?), the petals were drooping and the fragrance (I’m being generous) was less than appealing. I brought them home to toss, but wondered momentarily what the camera might see that I didn’t. I was reminded, once again, of the value of a second look before judgment.

UndersideIMG_0644IMG_0623 (1)

5 thoughts on “A Second Look

    1. You do have a good photo eye. Some say the photo doesn’t do things justice. In this case quite the opposite.

      1. I was surprised by the results of this experiment to be sure; it’s hard to describe how unappealing the “normal” view was! But attempting to photograph the vistas that Mother Nature provides always causes me to acknowledge that inability to do justice! Thanks for the comment.

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