The Winding Road

I have been away for awhile. Eighteen months have passed since my last posting to “My Time”, much of which I’ve spent engrossed in theological studies inside and outside a seminary. I never needed to be convinced of my belief in God, but wanted a more solid foundation for my faith, framing concepts within the current culture which has contributed new perspectives to the precepts of my youth. Sometimes I think I “get it” and have “figured things out”, settling into a pleasurable sense of understanding and comfort. And then subtle alterations emerge, sometimes suddenly, and peacefulness is swept away before I know it.

Awareness has become a new watchword for me. Why do I seem to forget what I need to remember in order to stay anchored to my center? I have begun to want to write about this winding road life insists on taking me. Personal experiences, yes; but universal too, I think… Attempting to reason through mystery is not always a satisfying exercise. We’ll see where the path goes in “My Time Too”.


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