Can’t tell from here…

Lake Powell Area_202_SBH_160515_ME

Near Lake Powell, there is a gash in the earth about a mile down the hill that draws visitors to it. On reaching the rim, it’s completely understandable. There are many gorgeous photographs on the web of the Colorado River’s entire Horseshoe Bend, but I wasn’t going to stand any closer to the edge to capture it. This will have to do.Lake Powell Area_5_160515Horseshoe

Lake Powell Area_29_160515Horseshoe

Lake Powell Area_39_160515HorseshoeLake Powell Area_21_160515Horseshoe.jpg

A Change of Pace

Lake Powell3May 14, 2016__160514Yes, this is still our Arizona-Utah National Parks trip (will it ever end, you ask? Not quite yet..!) We changed our pace for several days in Page, AZ, enjoying Lake Powell and the Glen Canyon National Recreation area. After the desert landscapes of Utah, it was impossible not to be captured by the water. We opted for a boat cruise into narrow, winding Antelope Canyon to see its red and orange Navajo sandstone formations, and got caught in the rain you see threatening us. Kayakers in the canyon were also pummeled, which seems to be a price one pays for adventuring on the lake. The afternoon cleared into a beauty of an evening. Lake Powell5May 14, 2016__160514Lake Powell22May 14, 2016__160514Lake Powell35May 14, 2016__160514Lake Powell38May 14, 2016__160514Lake Powell50May 14, 2016__160514Lake Powell97May 14, 2016__160514Lake Powell112May 14, 2016__160514