A Kairos Moment

A what? As described in dictionary.com, “Translated as ‘the right time’ from Ancient Greek, kairos variously refers to an ‘opportune presentation’ in rhetoric and a ‘spiritual opportunity’ in Christian theology.”  I’d heard the word before, but the concept never had an impact on me until yesterday.

I was sitting in church, among many others (mostly strangers), at the memorial service held for my friend Karen, sharing in remembered experiences, hymns of celebration and healing prayers. Each of us had our own reason for being there, bringing our own sadness with us.

But the priest, in his homily, took an interesting turn from what I usually expect to hear during such ceremonies. He spoke not of the promised Christian hope of resurrection, but asked us instead to appreciate and embrace the present kairos moment we were sharing, recognizing the love that was filling the space among strangers, in honor of the woman we all loved, as testament to the capacity we have to know the strength and power of God’s love for us all living on earth.

Worked for me.