Just as I stand speechless when privileged to view the natural treasures of this nation, I am beyond words when told that protection of our environment is less important than other economic interests addressed in the federal budget. How can that be? What amount of money, what project, what pressures, what argument for or against climate change, is of greater value than being awestruck by the wonders that have dazzled for centuries? Have we lost our sensibilities for that which is not man-made? Do we feel no responsibility for walking lightly on this earth, protecting humans and animals and plants from the carelessness we seem willing to tolerate from industry? We are fearful of so much these days; why are we not fearful of compromises to our air and water? We want governmental protection of our borders; why do we not demand government protection of our land?

The incredible nature photographer Ansel Adams (1902-1984) said it for me: “It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.” Horrifying, and completely unimaginable.


The Alchemy of Arches


Arches National Park is certainly about the world’s largest concentration of sandstone arches, but it is about so much more. You can find lost civilizations here; magic created from formations that allow you to see worlds only your mind can conjure.  If you’ve time, stay long enough to go back into the park at night when the moon and stars appear to light these stone monuments, and you’ll believe in alchemy.